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            Welcome to the Home of Health Tested, AKC Championed and World Winner Lagotti Romagnoli.  Our Lagotti earn proven results, whether in the show ring, performance venues, or published health testing.

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Lambscreek Lagotto Romagnolo

Located in Coastal Virginia


To promote, protect, and preserve the integrity and purpose of the Lagotto Romagnolo, Romagne Water Dog.


To uphold the integrity of the Lagotto Romagnolo Breed Standard and  to serve as positive examples  in conformation, performance/working events, and in all public spaces.


To educate others about the unique qualities of the Lagotto Romagnolo and to develop a premier breeding program producing Champion Lagotti, whether in the show ring, in the field, or in the home.

We adhere to LRCA Code of Ethics & CHIC Health Testing.

Our  Service

Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America (LRCA)

    Jim, AKC Delegate & President, National Specialty Chair for 2021 and 2023 and IT Chair.

    Carolyn, Parent Club Breed Mentor, Currently Serving  on Illustrated Breed Standard Committee, AKC Breed Standard Revision Committee, Purebred Preservation Semen Bank Committee. National Specialty Committee for 2021, 2022, and 2023 & Former LRCA Membership Chair.

AKC Scentwork Trials -   Volunteers & Judge Hospitality

Lagotti are just....

" like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get! "

(Especially when it comes to coat colors!)


Oh, the places they will go!


Metanoia Gelato Dalla Baia


Our First Lagotto

"Gelly" is now a senior and still enjoys dock diving and scent work.  Gelato earned a Certificate of Merit while showing in the Miscellaneous Class, before the breed was fully recognized by the AKC in 2015.  Gelly has earned working titles in Scentwork, Dock Diving, Trick Dog, & Canine Good Citizenship.  Gelly is living his best Senior life at 13 years young!

 2019 AKC Scentwork

Completed all elements for overall titles for Novice (SWN) & Advanced Scentwork (SWA)

2017 NADD Dock Diving

Dock Novice

Dock Junior

2014 AKC Certificate of Merit


GCHS CH  CH-R.K.F. Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Adriano


Italian Bred by Monica Benelli

Cannoli was the second Lagotto in USA to earn an AKC Silver Grand Championship.  Among his many  accomplishments, Cannoli has earned numerous working titles as well - proving his purpose as a most versatile Lagotto Romagnolo.   "At the end of the day," there is nothing Canolli loves more than to curl up in his human's lap for some good tender loving care. 

We can't say enough about how special this boy is...

2019 LRCA National Specialty

York, Pennslyvania

Coming out of retirement Awarded Best Veteran and Select Dog by
Judge Sig. Gilberto Grandi

LRCA's Versality Excellent

Presented by

Heather Buehner Helmer

#2 Top-ranked Breed & All- Breed Lagotto 2016-2017 Multiple Sporting Group Placements

Presented by Zack Helmer

Westminster Kennel Club

Select Dog 2017

Award of Merit 2016

Presented by Zack Helmer

2016 World Dog Show

Moscow, Russia

Best Dog & World Champion

Presented by Italy's

Alice Varchi

2016 Crufts

Birmingham, England

Best Dog

Presented by Italy's

Alice Varchi

2019 AKC Scentwork Titles

Completed all elements for overall titles for Novice (SWN) & Advanced Scentwork (SWA)

Completed 3 of 4 elements for Excellent Scentwork.

NADD Dock Diving Titles

2019 Dock Senior

Dock Junior

Dock Novice



BISS GCHS CH Dolce Vita Taleggio
USA Bred by Sandra Mignogna,

Co-owned with

Sandra Mignogna &

Diane Henry
We were so blessed to be a part of this winning team. 

Westminster Kennel Club

Best of Breed 2019

1st American Bred to win!

Handled by Jessy Sutton

Royal Canin AKC National

Best of Breed 2019

Handled by Zack Helmer

2018 LRCA National Specialty

San Diego, California

Best of Breed (BISS)

Handled by Zack Helmer

#1 Top-ranked Breed & All- Breed Lagotto 2017-2018

Multiple Sporting Group Placements.


GCH  CH Wilhaven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped CGC SWN SEA SCA SBA DJ BCAT TKN

USA Bred by Eilizabeth Williams and Sired by USA Bred & National Specialty Winner BISS Jacques

We could not be more proud of our foundation dam.  At just 17 months old, this girl was awarded her Grand Championship!   Like her daddy, Jacques, she just loves to show!  And she's giving her "brothers" a run in Scentwork.  We are excited to see what great things this "little cookie" will accomplish!

2019 National Dog Show Philadelphia Kennel Club

Select Bitch

Presented by

Whitney Meeks

September 2019

AKC Grand Champion

May 2019

AKC Champion

2019 LRCA National Specialty

York, Pennslyvania

1st in 9-12 months Puppy Sweepstakes by

Judge Sabina Sinkovic

AKC Scentwork

Completed all elements for overall Novice Title and 3 of 4 elements for Advanced Title

2023 LRCA National Specialty

Doswell, Virginia

Best of Opposite by

Judge Claire Wisch Abraham 

NADD Dock Diving Titles Dock Junior and one more "Q" for Dock Senior

FastCAT Lure Coursing BCAT title


CH LambsCreek Compass Rose Sunrise CGC BCAT DN DJ TKN

Introducing our 1st USA "Bred-By"!
Sired by our own special Silver Grand Champion Cannoli
and conceived by our own Grand Champion Macaroon

Following in her parents paw prints, Lovey won her first major at her first show from the 6-9 month puppy class.  We are thrilled to announce that Lovey earned her AKC Champion title, our first "bred-by" to do so! 

This girl is all spunk, and she was a wonderful mother to her first litter in Spring of 2023!

If interested in being on our waiting list, complete a puppy application. 

Your patience is most appreciated as we plan complimentary breeding programs to suit our Lagotti with health tested bloodline(s). 


NEW AKC Champion, LambsCreek's Lovey! 

NOVEMBER 2021: Under the expert hands of Michelle & Michael Scott, PHA Professional Handlers, our first bred-by female became an AKC Champion! Thank you Judge Debra Thornton for the Best of Winners  in Doswell, VA ! Thank you also to Heather Buehner Helmer  who helped the team with a major win and additional points!  Again proving, "It takes a village," to produce champions!  Lovey is a.k.a.

CH LambsCreek Compass Rose Sunrise CGC TKN

Macaroon and Natale Deliver!

MARCH 2021: Despite winter ice storms that made mating a challenge,  Macaroon and BPIS CH Dolce Vita Star of Wonder (Natale) were successful in conceiving!  Macaroon smoothly delivered 6 lovely puppies (3 boys and 3 girls)  and demonstrated her skills as an experienced Mum.  All puppies are healthy and received early neurological stimulation as well as new daily stimuli (Puppy Culture protocol).  Puppies will be temperament tested before going to their new homes, so each family gets the best-suited puppy.

Meet the Aromatherapy Gang at 4 weeks old...

Cannoli and Macaroon Deliver!

AUGUST 2020: After much planning and anticipation,  Macaroon delivered 5 lovely puppies sired by our own Cannoli!  Macaroon proved to be a wonderful first time Mum.  All puppies have successfully transitioned into their "fur-ever" homes, and we can't wait to see how they are loved and progress on their journeys. 

Meet the Nautical Crew (aka Gilligan's Island Castaways) at 2.5 months old...

Macaroon Turns Two!!

APRIL 2020: Time really flies when you're having fun!  In just two short years, "Rooney Toons" became an AKC Grand Champion and is just one leg shy of completing her overall AKC Advanced Scentwork Title.

Macaroon as a wee lass at 3 months old...

2019 National Dog Show in Philadelphia

Just one year later after making her debut, Macaroon wins Select Bitch at the prestigious ALL-Breed Dog show by Kennel Club of Philadelphia.  Jim and Carolyn enjoy sharing the "benches" with fellow LRCA club members and Lagotto enthusiasts - always being an ambassador for the breed.

Macaroon at same show as a young pup in 2018:

AKC Grand Champion at 17 months

Under the expert care of Whitney Meeks, PHA Professional Handler, CH Wilhaven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped became an AKC Grand Champion.  Thank you Judge Marjorie Martorella for the win  in Bridgewater, NJ ! Thank you also to Michelle Scott and her awesome team who helped Macaroon to some Best of Breed Major wins!

"It takes a village," to produce champions!


Our super sniffers have been busy! Cannoli and Macaroon are using their  God-given talent of scenting, sourcing, and alerting on the targets.  Cannoli has titled in all Novice and Advanced elements, and has completed titles in 3 of the 4 elements at the Excellent level.  Macaroon at 17 months old is a rising star.  She whizzed through the novice elements and has now completed 3 of the 4 elements in advanced Scent-work.  Gelato finished his Scent-work titles earning all over titles in Novice and Advanced levels.

Our fellow competitors claim Lagotti are to Scent-work what the Border Collies are to Agility - more simply said, "hard to beat!"

AKC New Champion at 13 months old

Under the expert care of Whitney Meeks, PHA Professional Handler, Wilhanven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped became an AKC Champion.  Thank you Judge Ruth Zimmerman for the win on a most hot, humid day in Manassas, VA !

Note the coat color change of Macaroon from 3 months old  (photo below) to 13 months old here.

Lagotti "are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get!"

Crufts  2016 Birmingham, UK

After flying into Paris, being delayed at the Chunnel in Calais, France, learning to drive on the left side of the road while fighting the stomach flu, we finally arrived in England at the fabulous Crufts venue in Birmingham.  Cannoli had a crash-course with his new European Handler, Alice Varchi from Italy.  Cannoli's breeder, Monica Benelli introduced us to Signorina Varchi, and they quickly became a "dream team." Cannoli won  Best Dog in Lagotto Romagnolo at Crufts under Judge Carla Molinaria from Portugal.  GRAZI All!!

WORLD DOG SHOW Moscow 2016

Cannoli qualified as a new Russian Champion and World Champion after wining Best Dog in Lagotto Romagnolo at the World Dog Show in Moscow.  After a 13 hour flight from Dulles to Moscow, Jim and Cannoli were eager to see the sites with Alice Varchi, a most talented, European Professional Handler from Italy.  Signorina Varchi expertly handled Cannoli to another prestigious win at the World Dog Show !  Luckily Sig. NA. Varchi was to be the able interpreter between their group of 4 touring Moscow's Red Square after the show.

BABY MACAROON at 3 Months Old

With a "coat of many colors,"  Baby Macaroon started showing at 6 months old. She won a Group 2, in the Puppy Sporting Group in Raleigh, NC. , and was "owner-handled" for the first of many future wins.

NOTE how Macaroon's coat color has morphed from puppy (here) to adult (above).  Lagotti coat, both color and texture, transitions dramatically during first two years.


Gelato, our first dock diver, loves the water.  He qualified for the 2016 NADD championships in Orlando with the longest jump for the breed.  Cannoli now outdives his older "brother" and recently earned his Dock Senior Title summer of 2019.

Having fun at Lake Gaston, NC!  The high-viz orange vest is so he is more visible in the water to fast boaters and jet-skiers!

Cannoli is always first to launch...followed by Gelato!

Introducing K9 Finder
LambsCreek Finders Keepers at PennVet WDC

K9 Finder

We are thrilled to be partnering with PennVet Working Dog Center and introducing the very FIRST Lagotto Romagnolo to be accepted into their working dog academy.  K9 Finder (formerly "King" from the Aromatherapy Litter) is off to a great start in his cross-training of medical alert, urban search & rescue, drug/explosives odor detection, border patrol, and more! He is the 133rd canine accepted into the PennVet Working Dog Program.  All K9s are named after dogs that served during the 9-11 attacks.

Foster Family

Finder has a great foster family! When he's not "in-school," he gets great love, support and fun activities.  Here, he sports his high-viz personal flotation device as he cruises the open bay - Living the Lagotto Life!!  Hope he wants to go back to "school!"

LambsCreek Lagotto Pup Update

           Best in 2023 National Specialty Show Flocky  &
Best of Opposite in 2023 Specialty Show Macaroon!

Macaroon and Liam are expecting!

DECEMBER 2021: Ultrasound shows strong heartbeats for new pups due mid-December. Liam is a most handsome lad imported from Sweden and quickly achieved his AKC championship here in the USA. Both parents completed their health testing which is publicly available on www.OFA.org.  Liam is CH Krakslottets Beryll Hill, CHIC#163648.  Macaroon is GCH CH Wilhaven's Heavenly Hash Hand-dipped, CHIC#148569.


Cannoli's First Litter

Country Music Legends Litter

Cannoli and Hershey Puppies have arrived!

Eight thriving puppies were delivered on October 8, 2019.  The puppies were whelped in beautiful Tennessee Valley, and hence, the litter theme is "Country Music Legends." 

Meet the Legends at One Week Old:

        Orange Boy

        White and Brown Patch Boy     

        Brown Boy

        White Girl      

         (4) Brown Girls

We have been actively involved with the Lagotto Romagnolo breed since 2010 as exhibitors earning championships and as handlers in performance events earning working titles. At LambsCreek Lagotto, we believe slow and steady wins over fast and furious.  We strongly believe in health testing all of our Lagotti, to receive the most recent scientific data to help us make the best choices for breeding as well as proofing our sporting dogs in the show arena and performance events for form and function.

We actively show our Lagotti  (plural for Lagotto) to prove their conformation and structure.  We also participate in working events ( Scentwork, Dock Diving, Canine Good Citizenship, Fast-CAT,  Trick Dog, etc.) to validate their purpose as an intelligent, problem-solving, affable, steadfast, sporting, scenting breed. 

Temperament is so important for Lagotti, and they need to be challenged both mentally and physically. Whether on land or in water, Lagotti are motivated, task-driven, and inquisitive.  They are a "sensitive" breed - alerting, startling, or alarming on new people, places and things.  Ongoing, continued socialization to new exposures & experiences is very important, not only during the first year, but in the years to follow. Proper socialization is a BIG commitment for the novice and experienced dog owners. All puppies are temperament tested before placing with families, matching canine energy & drive with human lifestyles.

Due to their medium to smaller size, one should not under-estimate the Lagotto's need for proper exercise and mental stimulation.  Daily, sometimes rigorous,  exercise is needed to satisfy this active breed.  While walking on lead with their human is stimulating to their senses, plenty of green space should be available for the Lagotto to run safely, freely off-lead. Quiet time is also critical, especially after a work/fun-filled day.  Lagotti need to be provided down time to settle, and not be over-stimulated.  At the end of an active day, they are just as happy to curl up in a warm lap, bonding with their humans. 

Lagotti need their devoted people most of all!

Young Sundance (3 months) before his first haircut.


For more information on our breeding program and available puppies, please drop us a quick note.  Your location (City and State) is also helpful.