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Oh, the places they will go!


Metanoia Gelato Dalla Baia


Our First Lagotto

"Gelly" is now a senior and still enjoys dock diving and scent work.  Gelato earned a Certificate of Merit while showing in the Miscellaneous Class, before the breed was fully recognized by the AKC in 2015.  Gelly has earned working titles in Scentwork, Dock Diving, Trick Dog, & Canine Good Citizenship.  Gelly is living his best Senior life at 13 years young!

 2019 AKC Scentwork

Completed all elements for overall titles for Novice (SWN) & Advanced Scentwork (SWA)

2017 NADD Dock Diving

Dock Novice

Dock Junior

2014 AKC Certificate of Merit


GCHS CH  CH-R.K.F. Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Adriano


Italian Bred by Monica Benelli

Cannoli was the second Lagotto in USA to earn an AKC Silver Grand Championship.  Among his many  accomplishments, Cannoli has earned numerous working titles as well - proving his purpose as a most versatile Lagotto Romagnolo.   "At the end of the day," there is nothing Canolli loves more than to curl up in his human's lap for some good tender loving care. 

We can't say enough about how special this boy is...

2019 LRCA National Specialty

York, Pennslyvania

Coming out of retirement Awarded Best Veteran and Select Dog by
Judge Sig. Gilberto Grandi

LRCA's Versality Excellent

Presented by

Heather Buehner Helmer

#2 Top-ranked Breed & All- Breed Lagotto 2016-2017 Multiple Sporting Group Placements

Presented by Zack Helmer

Westminster Kennel Club

Select Dog 2017

Award of Merit 2016

Presented by Zack Helmer

2016 World Dog Show

Moscow, Russia

Best Dog & World Champion

Presented by Italy's

Alice Varchi

2016 Crufts

Birmingham, England

Best Dog

Presented by Italy's

Alice Varchi

2019 AKC Scentwork Titles

Completed all elements for overall titles for Novice (SWN) & Advanced Scentwork (SWA)

Completed 3 of 4 elements for Excellent Scentwork.

NADD Dock Diving Titles

2019 Dock Senior

Dock Junior

Dock Novice



BISS GCHS CH Dolce Vita Taleggio
USA Bred by Sandra Mignogna,

Co-owned with

Sandra Mignogna &

Diane Henry
We were so blessed to be a part of this winning team. 

Westminster Kennel Club

Best of Breed 2019

1st American Bred to win!

Handled by Jessy Sutton

Royal Canin AKC National

Best of Breed 2019

Handled by Zack Helmer

2018 LRCA National Specialty

San Diego, California

Best of Breed (BISS)

Handled by Zack Helmer

#1 Top-ranked Breed & All- Breed Lagotto 2017-2018

Multiple Sporting Group Placements.


GCH  CH Wilhaven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped CGC SWN SEA SCA SBA DJ BCAT TKN

USA Bred by Eilizabeth Williams and Sired by USA Bred & National Specialty Winner BISS Jacques

We could not be more proud of our foundation dam.  At just 17 months old, this girl was awarded her Grand Championship!   Like her daddy, Jacques, she just loves to show!  And she's giving her "brothers" a run in Scentwork.  We are excited to see what great things this "little cookie" will accomplish!

2019 National Dog Show Philadelphia Kennel Club

Select Bitch

Presented by

Whitney Meeks

September 2019

AKC Grand Champion

May 2019

AKC Champion

2019 LRCA National Specialty

York, Pennslyvania

1st in 9-12 months Puppy Sweepstakes by

Judge Sabina Sinkovic

AKC Scentwork

Completed all elements for overall Novice Title and 3 of 4 elements for Advanced Title

2023 LRCA National Specialty

Doswell, Virginia

Best of Opposite by

Judge Claire Wisch Abraham 

NADD Dock Diving Titles Dock Junior and one more "Q" for Dock Senior

FastCAT Lure Coursing BCAT title


CH LambsCreek Compass Rose Sunrise CGC BCAT DN DJ TKN

Introducing our 1st USA "Bred-By"!
Sired by our own special Silver Grand Champion Cannoli
and conceived by our own Grand Champion Macaroon

Following in her parents paw prints, Lovey won her first major at her first show from the 6-9 month puppy class.  We are thrilled to announce that Lovey earned her AKC Champion title, our first "bred-by" to do so! 

This girl is all spunk, and she was a wonderful mother to her first litter in Spring of 2023!