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Introducing K9 Finder
LambsCreek Finders Keepers at PennVet WDC

K9 Finder

We are thrilled to be partnering with PennVet Working Dog Center and introducing the very FIRST Lagotto Romagnolo to be accepted into their working dog academy.  K9 Finder (formerly "King" from the Aromatherapy Litter) is off to a great start in his cross-training of medical alert, urban search & rescue, drug/explosives odor detection, border patrol, and more! He is the 133rd canine accepted into the PennVet Working Dog Program.  All K9s are named after dogs that served during the 9-11 attacks.

Foster Family

Finder has a great foster family! When he's not "in-school," he gets great love, support and fun activities.  Here, he sports his high-viz personal flotation device as he cruises the open bay - Living the Lagotto Life!!  Hope he wants to go back to "school!"

K9 Finder First Lagotto to Graduate from PennVet Working Dog Center

In July of 2022, K9 Finder was the first Lagotto Romagnolo to successfully complete and graduate from the PennVET working Dog Center.  K9 was hired by law enforcement in the Mid-West where he serves the community as a Forensic Specialist.  LambsCreek Lagotto knew from an early age that K9 Finder had the "right stuff" to succeed in the highly competitive K9 working world!  We hope that he solves many mysteries in complex cases and brings peace to victims' families,  his handlers, and the community he serves.