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2023 LRCA National Specialty Winners

GCH Wilhaven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped SCE SBE SWE SWA SWN DJ DS BCAT CGC TKN

At 5 years young, Macaroon won BEST of OPPOSITE in Doswell, Virginia.  She knocked our socks off as she glided around the show ring with our friend and owner-handler of rotties, Adam Gray.  Adam had only worked with Macaroon a couple of practice run-throughs at our local kennel club before expertly guiding her to a Best of Opposite win.  This year's specialty had over 60 Lagotti entered!   Macaroon quickly got her show-condition back after whelping and raising a litter the previous summer. We were amazed and thrilled beyond belief! Thank you Judge Claire Wisch Abraham for finding our little cookie!

GCHS IL Granaio dei Malatesta Adriano CM2 SWE SWA SWN DS DJ BCAT CGC TKN

At 11.5 years young, Cannoli was on a rolley again in Doswell, Virginia earning Best Veteran!  Cannoli made the cut in a highly competitive, strong field of Best of Breed champions.  For Cannoli, showing is just like riding a bike, he pours it on in the show ring under the expert handling of Heather Buehner (2022 Westminster Best in Show Winner)! Thank you Judge Claire Wisch Abraham for recognizing Cannoli's sound conformation as a senior competitor!

NEW AKC Champion, LambsCreek's Lovey! 

NOVEMBER 2021: Under the expert hands of Michelle & Michael Scott, PHA Professional Handlers, our first bred-by female became an AKC Champion! Thank you Judge Debra Thornton for the Best of Winners  in Doswell, VA ! Thank you also to Heather Buehner Helmer  who helped the team with a major win and additional points!  Again proving, "It takes a village," to produce champions!  Lovey is a.k.a.

CH LambsCreek Compass Rose Sunrise DJ BCAT CGC TKN

Macaroon and Natale Deliver!

MARCH 2021: Despite winter ice storms that made mating a challenge,  Macaroon and BPIS CH Dolce Vita Star of Wonder (Natale) were successful in conceiving!  Macaroon smoothly delivered 6 lovely puppies (3 boys and 3 girls)  and demonstrated her skills as an experienced Mum.  All puppies are healthy and received early neurological stimulation as well as new daily stimuli (Puppy Culture protocol).  Puppies will be temperament tested before going to their new homes, so each family gets the best-suited puppy.

Meet the Aromatherapy Gang at 4 weeks old...

Cannoli and Macaroon Deliver!

AUGUST 2020: After much planning and anticipation,  Macaroon delivered 5 lovely puppies sired by our own Cannoli!  Macaroon proved to be a wonderful first time Mum.  All puppies have successfully transitioned into their "fur-ever" homes, and we can't wait to see how they are loved and progress on their journeys. 

Meet the Nautical Crew (aka Gilligan's Island Castaways) at 2.5 months old...

Macaroon Turns Two!!

APRIL 2020: Time really flies when you're having fun!  In just two short years, "Rooney Toons" became an AKC Grand Champion and is just one leg shy of completing her overall AKC Advanced Scentwork Title.

Macaroon as a wee lass at 3 months old...

2019 National Dog Show in Philadelphia

Just one year later after making her debut, Macaroon wins Select Bitch at the prestigious ALL-Breed Dog show by Kennel Club of Philadelphia.  Jim and Carolyn enjoy sharing the "benches" with fellow LRCA club members and Lagotto enthusiasts - always being an ambassador for the breed.

Macaroon at same show as a young pup in 2018:

AKC Grand Champion at 17 months

Under the expert care of Whitney Meeks, PHA Professional Handler, CH Wilhaven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped became an AKC Grand Champion.  Thank you Judge Marjorie Martorella for the win  in Bridgewater, NJ ! Thank you also to Michelle Scott and her awesome team who helped Macaroon to some Best of Breed Major wins!

"It takes a village," to produce champions!


Our super sniffers have been busy! Cannoli and Macaroon are using their  God-given talent of scenting, sourcing, and alerting on the targets.  Cannoli has titled in all Novice and Advanced elements, and has completed titles in 3 of the 4 elements at the Excellent level.  Macaroon at 17 months old is a rising star.  She whizzed through the novice elements and has now completed 3 of the 4 elements in advanced Scent-work.  Gelato finished his Scent-work titles earning all over titles in Novice and Advanced levels.

Our fellow competitors claim Lagotti are to Scent-work what the Border Collies are to Agility - more simply said, "hard to beat!"

AKC New Champion at 13 months old

Under the expert care of Whitney Meeks, PHA Professional Handler, Wilhanven's Heavenly Hash Hand-Dipped became an AKC Champion.  Thank you Judge Ruth Zimmerman for the win on a most hot, humid day in Manassas, VA !

Note the coat color change of Macaroon from 3 months old  (photo below) to 13 months old here.

Lagotti "are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get!"

Crufts  2016 Birmingham, UK

After flying into Paris, being delayed at the Chunnel in Calais, France, learning to drive on the left side of the road while fighting the stomach flu, we finally arrived in England at the fabulous Crufts venue in Birmingham.  Cannoli had a crash-course with his new European Handler, Alice Varchi from Italy.  Cannoli's breeder, Monica Benelli introduced us to Signorina Varchi, and they quickly became a "dream team." Cannoli won  Best Dog in Lagotto Romagnolo at Crufts under Judge Carla Molinaria from Portugal.  GRAZI All!!

WORLD DOG SHOW Moscow 2016

Cannoli qualified as a new Russian Champion and World Champion after wining Best Dog in Lagotto Romagnolo at the World Dog Show in Moscow.  After a 13 hour flight from Dulles to Moscow, Jim and Cannoli were eager to see the sites with Alice Varchi, a most talented, European Professional Handler from Italy.  Signorina Varchi expertly handled Cannoli to another prestigious win at the World Dog Show !  Luckily Sig. NA. Varchi was to be the able interpreter between their group of 4 touring Moscow's Red Square after the show.

BABY MACAROON at 3 Months Old

With a "coat of many colors,"  Baby Macaroon started showing at 6 months old. She won a Group 2, in the Puppy Sporting Group in Raleigh, NC. , and was "owner-handled" for the first of many future wins.

NOTE how Macaroon's coat color has morphed from puppy (here) to adult (above).  Lagotti coat, both color and texture, transitions dramatically during first two years.


Gelato, our first dock diver, loves the water.  He qualified for the 2016 NADD championships in Orlando with the longest jump for the breed.  Cannoli now outdives his older "brother" and recently earned his Dock Senior Title summer of 2019.

Having fun at Lake Gaston, NC!  The high-viz orange vest is so he is more visible in the water to fast boaters and jet-skiers!

Cannoli is always first to launch...followed by Gelato!