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            Welcome to the Home of Health Tested, AKC Championed and World Winner Lagotti Romagnoli.  Our Lagotti earn proven results, whether in the show ring, performance venues, or published health testing.


Lambscreek Lagotto Romagnolo, LLC

Located in Coastal Virginia


To promote, protect, and preserve the integrity and purpose of the Lagotto Romagnolo, Romagne Water Dog.


To uphold the integrity of the Lagotto Romagnolo Breed Standard and  to serve as positive examples  in conformation, performance/working events, and in all public spaces.


To educate others about the unique qualities of the Lagotto Romagnolo and to develop a premier breeding program producing Champion Lagotti, whether in the show ring, in the field, or in the home.

We adhere to LRCA Code of Ethics & CHIC Health Testing.

Our  Service

Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America (LRCA)

    Jim, AKC Delegate & President, National Specialty Chair for 2021 and 2023 and IT Chair.

    Carolyn, Parent Club Breed Mentor, Currently Serving  on Illustrated Breed Standard Committee, AKC Breed Standard Revision Committee, Purebred Preservation Semen Bank Committee. National Specialty Committee for 2021, 2022, and 2023 & Former LRCA Membership Chair.

AKC Scentwork Trials -   Volunteers & Judge Hospitality

            SPRING 2024 Breeding

is being planned.

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Our Lagotti Experience

Lagotti need their devoted people most of all!

We have been actively involved with the Lagotto Romagnolo breed since 2010 as exhibitors earning championships and as handlers in performance events earning working titles. At LambsCreek Lagotto,  we strongly believe in health testing all of our Lagotti, to receive the most recent scientific data to help us make the best choices for breeding as well as proofing our sporting dogs in the show arena and performance events for form and function.

We actively show our Lagotti  (plural for Lagotto) to prove their conformation and structure, earning AKC Championships on all breeding stock.  We also participate in performance events ( Scentwork, Dock Diving, Canine Good Citizenship, Fast-CAT,  Trick Dog, etc.) to validate their ability and purpose as an intelligent, problem-solving, affable, steadfast, sporting, scenting breed. 

Balanced temperament is so important for Lagotti, and they need to be challenged both mentally and physically. Whether on land or in water, Lagotti are motivated, task-driven, and inquisitive.  They are a "sensitive" breed - alerting, startling, or alarming on new people, places and things.  Ongoing, continued socialization to new exposures & experiences are very important, not only during the first two years, but in subsequent years to follow. Proper socialization is a BIG commitment for the novice and experienced dog owners. All puppies are temperament tested before placing with families, matching canine energy & drive with human lifestyles.  Puppies receive early neurological stimulation exercises starting at 3 days of age and are introduced to new novel stimuli daily ( following many "Puppy Culture" protocols).

Due to their medium to smaller size, one should not under estimate the Lagotto's need for proper exercise and mental stimulation.  Daily  exercise is needed to satisfy this active sporting breed.  While walking on lead with their human is stimulating to their senses and encouraged, plenty of green space should be available for the Lagotto to run daily, safely and freely off leash. Quiet time is also critical, especially after a work/fun-filled day.  Lagotti need to be provided down time to settle, and not be over-stimulated.  At the end of an active day, they are just as happy to curl up in a warm lap, bonding with their humans.